Jewish Students for Justice in Solidarity with Oxford Action for Palestine

9 May 2024

Jewish Students for Justice stand in total solidarity with the Oxford Action for Palestine encampment.

We stand with the people of Palestine, and fully support the encampment’s struggle to end the University’s complicity in Israeli occupation, apartheid and genocide. We call for the University to accept their demands in full.

The encampment is a diverse and welcoming space, and as Jewish students we have felt nothing but solidarity and support there. We reject the attempts of zionist communal organisations – including the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) – to trivialise antisemitism by conflating it with antizionism, attempting to stoke fear of these encampments among Jewish students of this University and elsewhere. This is why we demand that the University abandon the toxic IHRA definition of antisemitism, which shuts off legitimate criticism of Israel and does nothing to protect Jewish students.

The IOF has begun its invasion on Rafah. We stand in unconditional solidarity with Palestine and call on our community to continue the fight until Palestine is free.

Jewish Students for Justice