University of Oxford Agrees to University-Wide Investment Review

22 June 2024

On 20 June, the University of Oxford announced a commitment to an "accelerated University-wide review" of the University's current ethical investment policy. The University will review the current policy, which prohibits direct and indirect investment in companies manufacturing arms that are illegal under UK law, to judge its "continued appropriateness or whether it should be extended". The review will be open to submission from groups across the University, and the findings of the review will be reported to the Investment Committee and University Council.

The University's decision to review its investment policy is a direct response to the mass movement of students, faculty, and staff across the University calling for disclosure and divestment. OA4P welcomes this review as a positive step towards the achievement of our demands. We call on the University to conduct this investment review as part of a public commitment to divestment from all arms and military technology companies, as well as all companies that are complicit in israeli genocide, apartheid, and occupation of Palestine. We look forward to continued dialogue with the University to urgently address our collective obligation to act in the face of this genocide.