Response to Unaffiliated Occupation of Examination Schools

13 June 2024

This morning, an autonomous group of protestors occupied one wing of the Examination Schools, renaming the East School to Dahshan School after the Palestinian scholar and martyr Saeed Dahshan. The protesters have made it clear that their action was unaffiliated with OA4P and was undertaken without OA4P's knowledge.

The support for Palestine on this campus extends far beyond OA4P. The urgency expressed by this action is a reflection of the mounting frustration that has been felt by countless in the University community, who for months have urged Oxford's administration to act against israel's ongoing and catastrophic genocide in Gaza.

As a student-led movement, OA4P supports the right of all students to pursue their education. Our particular solidarity is, as always, with those facing scholasticide in Gaza.

We remain commited to continuing dialogue with the University. We look forward to working closely with the University to address its urgent obligation to act in the face of genocide.